Best Residual Income Ideas – Add To Your Main Business

by reapmoney549

You might be a business owner with a brick and mortar store and earned your living the same way for years.  It has obviously worked or you wouldn’t still be in business.  And, my hat is definitely off to you for making it.  Most entrepreneurs only dream of having it happen for them.  But, many store owners have been unable to create a residual income.

This means that one day the local shop will roll up or be sold for some sum of money and sooner or later the money will stop coming in.

So, I thought to write down a few points on how a store owner might create a little residual income of their own.

For starters, every successful business has a following and a customer base.  Any customer base is prime for presenting residual income opportunities.

I would highly recommend that you pick a program fitting your current line of business.  For example don’t sell vitamins if you are in the roofing business.  Secondly, you don’t wont to chase away all of your customers because they think you are going to sell them when they come in to buy something.

In this respect, you might just want to leave literature and cards in a highly visible area and let them ask you questions about.  Another words, don’t push it on anyone.

Finding opportunities that fit your business may be a little challenging but there are thousands out there to choose from.  You can sell most items as a one off and let them come to you about the residual income aspect.

This is a link to a video on picking a good residual income producing program.